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About Us

Dream big but maybe more important when opportunity arises - take it and make it yours

We are 3 ordinary Danish women, who have set us an unusual goal. We are doing the ultimate challenge of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean on our own in December 2022, creating the Rowmodels team.

The name Rowmodels came quite easy to us. We are all someone's role models and we want to emphasize the importance of inspiring others and showing that you should set goals and follow them. Even if it's not exactly within the plan. 

When an opportunity comes your way, one must dare to seize it and make it a reality. We are all moms and wifes and the biggest sacrifices will be that we leave home but in the larger perspective we want to show our children that you can set goals and go for it.

None of us have rowed the ocean before, and therefore it is essential for us that the preparation for the execution is as optimal as possible.


Why this challenge?

We were introduced to ocean rowing back in 2017 in our gym The Wolfpack Gym where we also met each other for the first time. We followed the preparation of one of the first Danish teams participating in the Atlantic Challenge and were inspired. A dream was born.

Ocean rowing appeals to us for many reasons: 

  • An ultimate endurance challenge for the body and mind as an individual and us as a team.

  • Being isolated at sea for a long time and thereby having to create a team and community that in the best and safest way can get us across the Atlantic Ocean. It is a challenge that we do not find anywhere else. 

  • To be taken away from everyday life and be in the element and meet the day as it comes. 

  • We are in no control of Mother Nature so we need to make it work regardless of the weather and wind. We do not have the opportunity to stop and turning around is not a possibility.

Meet The Team

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